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Building Attraction Secrets by Cameron Teone
Building Attraction Secrets by Cameron Teone 

Building Attraction Secrets
16-CD Audio Course from Cameron Teone

We're bringing you another high-quality product from a highly respected expert in dating.  Cameron Teone will teach you a multitude about how to approach, meet, and date tons of new women and does so with the way of a “natural”.  His audio course will guide you to use a natural method of meeting women, which we've seen first-hand and can attest to his skills, ability, and know-how.

Sample Clips
These clips are a sampling of less than 1% of the content and value you will get from Cameron's Audio CD course!
Chapter 4 clip:
Chapter 5 clip:
“Falling into traps”
Chapter 10 clip:
“Tips for opening”
Chapter 15 clip:
“Conveying the right message”
Chapter 18 clip, part 1:
“How to apply this program”
Chapter 18 clip, part 2:
“Social queues, she lost a friend”

Cameron is highly concerned that he not only shares advice on what he knows, but that what he shares is truly transferable to just about any guy.  He doesn't teach gimmicks or canned lines, he teaches the nitty-gritty of what it takes to be the kind of guy who can naturally get the attention and attraction of women.

13 DVDs are focused on the training course, and 3 contain interviews with guys who Cameron felt could bring an added dynamic to what he has to teach.

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