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Who Else Wants To Make Great Money Automatically With Our Affiliate Program?

40% on most products PLUS 10% bonus for special link arrangement

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If You're Serious About Making Money, Check This Out!

Dear Entrepreneur,

Our main goal is to teach as many men as possible how to effectively attract women and at the same time to give you the opportunity to generate money for yourself!

We have been in this business since 1999 and we know what it takes to sell products to this market. We run the largest and most-trafficked pickup & seduction related web site on the Internet ( and have years of experience promoting products and services in this market. At the same time, we wanted to bring a new kind of high quality, interactive format for learning into this market, so for our first product we spent over a year working with writers and producers to create “The Art of the Pickup”®. We even worked with a very talented director from New Zealand (no not THAT director, but as far as we’re concerned just as good!)  In doing so, we've built a store (at and advanced marketing system, and will be adding more product offerings over time.

When you join our Affiliate Program now:

  • You will be promoting and selling our revolutionary DVD set called “The Art of the Pickup” and, soon, other high quality products.  We recently added an interview with Allen Reyes (aka "Gunwitch") and have 3 more with other high profile people already done and lined up to be released soon.  "The Art of the Pickup" is a two DVD set that includes all the information a man needs to be successful with women. The information is presented by professional actors and voice talent for the narration, as well as real life experts in candid interviews.

  • For every sale your web site generates for us on most of our products, you will receive AT LEAST 40% commission.  We also run special promotions to increase commissions and also offer an additional 10% to affiliates who also prominently link back to our main web site,  That means if you link to our site in addition to your affiliate links for product promotions you earn a minimum of 50% commission on most products sold (For example, on “The Art of the Pickup” DVD set, that’s $74.98 at the current unit sales price point of $149.95).

  • You will receive your commission money every month.

  • The demographic for “The Art of the Pickup” as well as our web sites, store, and other products and services is just about any man of any age who wants to improve his success with women.  In other words, the demographic is huge and not difficult to reach.

What kind of results can you expect?

If, for example, you send us 1000 people over the course of a month when promoting our AOTP product, and your conversion rate (turnover to sales) is 5%, your commission check for that month would be $2,999.50 (or $3,748.75 if you also link to With that kind of conversion, sending us just 20 people per day might generate you nearly $28,000!  The more you send, the more you make!

You can also make commissions months later from the people you send us!

We offer a unique feature in our affiliate system that you will be hard-pressed to find offered by any other system.  Unlike most systems which rely only on a browser cookie to track your referral, our system (when your visitors are sent through our marketing pages) associates a unique ID with each and every person who signs up whether they buy something or not - that's in addition to a tracking cookie.  That means whenever we send out newsletters, if those mailings convert into sales, we know exactly who the original referring affiliate was.  It even works if the visitor has cookies turned off in their browser!  No other affiliate system we're aware of does that.

Our Affiliate Program WILL Make You Money Because:

  • We have high quality, truly innovative products that customers love!

  • We have been working in this market for over 8 years now, are highly respected amongst members of its community, and have seen what it takes to sell successfully.

  • We are constantly testing, updating and improving our promotional and information web sites to increase sales turnover. We have technology in place behind-the-scenes that no other business in this market has!

  • We supply our affiliates with dating advice articles that teach the customer something new each time and explain to them how they can learn even more about that subject by buying the product.

  • We also offer something that nobody else in our market offers in an affiliate program – guaranteed commission on newsletter referrals.

Here's What You'll Get When You Sign Up:

  • Everything you need to promote the product: an affiliate tracking code, graphical banners, animated Flash banners, marketing literature, articles (HTML) to host on your site with your affiliate code already embedded, even videos you can plug into your site, etc.
  • Your own affiliate interface where you can check your sales 24 hours a day.
  • You can email us with questions at ANY time:  We are successful when we help you to be successful.
  • Alerts from us about any upcoming promotions, so you can be on top of any limited-time offers which can garner you increased sales.

We do all the hard work for you!

Signing up is quick and easy, so start now and soon you will begin making a steady revenue stream with our Affiliate Program!

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