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About our site

Welcome to the Learn The Skills Super Store.

This store is operated by Learn The Skills Corp, whose main mission is to provide information and products to men to help them improve all aspects of their lives. We at Learn The Skills Corp concentrate on providing you with access to superior products that are helpful for improving success with women, dating, and seduction.

Some of the products sold in this store may be the sole creation of Learn The Skills Corp, but most of the products are the result of collaborations with outside companies or products wholly created by such outside companies. In all cases, we strive to maintain high standards for inclusion to the product lineup, requiring good, useful information and at the same time high production quality relative to the rest of the industry.

The first product that we are offering is The Art of the Pickup DVD. The Art of the Pickup DVD is a two DVD set that includes all the information a man needs to be successful with women. The information on the DVDs is presented by professional actors and a well-known voice talent for the narration, as well as real life experts in candid interviews. The Art of the Pickup is a co-production of Learn The Skills Corp and MindWorks Productions.

We hope that your experience shopping at our store is a positive one, and that you will return often to benefit from our product lineup, which we plan to keep increasing over time.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us via our contact form.

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