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Partner Policies

Partner Program Policies

General Policies

The basic policies for our Partner Program will be outlined on this policy page.  This is not a complete list of our policies but provides the basic outline. If you have any specific questions about our Partner Program policies, please contact us at


Unless otherwise noted, base commission rates for referred sales are set to 20%.  Some products in our store are set to higher commission rates.  For affiliates who, in addition to linking to affiliate links, also link to the web site in a prominent way, an additional commission of 10% will be granted.

Commission Payment Schedule

Payments for commission earned are on a ”delayed monthly” cycle.  For example, for commissions earned in July of 2006, payments will be generated and sent out the first week in September (a little more than 1 month after commissions for a given month are earned).  Payment minimums are set to $100, meaning accumulated pending (unpaid) payment on commissions must equal at least $100 before a check is sent out.

Copyright And Linking Policies

After having your partner account approved, when publishing links with your affiliate codes, you have the choice to link directly to our store or specific products or to our promotional sites and campaigns (preferred).  We provide a large number of ad campaigns and link options to choose from which automatically have the proper affiliate and other tracking codes embedded.  Our promotional sites and campaigns are not to be re-published without our permission.  Copyright violations will result in removal of partner account.

If you have any questions about how to deploy links or ad campaigns, please contact us at

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