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Interview Series Bundle Pack 3
Interview Series Bundle Pack 3 
In this advanced level Interview Series Bundle Pack 3, Volumes 21-30 are included as listed below:

21. Advanced Winging (Savoy and The Don) This exciting new volume gives you our exclusive "wingman" strategies - how you and a friend can work together to meet and attract women when you're out.It's full of specific tactics you can use tonight.

22. Damage Control (Speer and Savoy) Damage Control will teach you the correct things to do when something goes wrong in any interaction or relationship.

23. Cold Reads (Savoy and The Don) Cold reads are observations you can make about a woman that don't necessarily require that you know anything about her.They can be incredibly useful and fun, both allowing you to learn about a woman and giving her information about you.

24. Jealousy Plotlines (Tenmagnet, Braddock and Cajun) Jealousy Plotlines are techniques you can use to make a woman feel jealous and thus more attracted to you. Most men do not use jealousy properly when attracting women.

25. How To Be An Alpha Male (Braddock, Mr. M, and Sheriff) The strongest frame for a man is that of an alpha male.By being internally validated and non-reactive you can show incredibly high status, which is very attractive to women. Take your first steps toward being a true alpha male.

26. Direct Game (Badboy, Cortez and Soul) Direct Game is one of the most powerful tools in a pickup artist's arsenal, and one that is often misunderstood and underestimated. Making your intentions known in the initial approach conveys a very strong masculine identity.

27. Sticking Points (Braddock, Rokker and Mr. M) All students at some point have at least one area of their game that is holding them back from achieving the level of success they desire. This interview discusses the most common sticking points and ways to overcome them.

28. High-End Club Game (Mr. M and Sheriff) Men are prone to sarge at high-end clubs, because these venues tend to attract exceptionally beautiful women. There you can trigger attraction faster, with a lot less work.

29. Being in State (Moxies and Savoy) When approaching women, it is extremely helpful to be in a positive state of mind. Join Moxie and Savoy as they explain the importance of being in state and share great tips and exercises to help you get there.

30. Teasing (Braddock and Dahunter) Teasing is a powerful tool used to keep an interaction playful and fun for both sides. Braddock and Dahunter share their expertise along with their arsenal of teasing routines.


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