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Interview Series Bundle Pack 2
Interview Series Bundle Pack 2 
In this intermediate Interview Series Bundle Pack 2, Volumes 11-20 are included as listed below:

11. Physical Escalation and Kissing (Sinn and The Don) Gives concrete, field tested tactics for comfortably escalating physicality with an attractive woman so that the interaction moves into a sexual, intimate direction rather than into "let's just be friends."

12. On Seduction (Sinn and Tenmagnet) Learn to plant the seeds early for a smooth Seduction and how to handle any scenario you may encounter when trying to seduce a woman, from last minute resistance to logistical difficulties.

13. Warm Approach (Savoy and Tenmagnet) Discusses meeting women at work, your regular coffee shop, a wedding, yoga class or anywhere else where you meet women you want to date in your daily life.

14. The First Five Minutes (The Don and Tenmagnet) Covers in detail tactics and strategies for managing the crucial first five minutes of an interaction; moving smoothly from Opening, Transitioning and through the intial buildup of Attraction.

15. On Taking Chances (Brad P. and Savoy) Discusses when and how to make strong bold choices that progress an interaction in a sexual and exciting direction.

16. On Value (Future and Tenmagnet) Covers all the different ways we can convey value to attract a woman and how value differentials influence all of our conversations.

17. The Right Way to Learn Game (Mr. M and Rokker) This Volume will teach you specific steps to take to maximize your progress toward the goals you want to achieve with women.

18. Threesomes (Savoy and Badboy) This is the definitive product on how to set up, guide along, close and manage a threesome in any number of potential scenarios.

19. Friends with Benefits (Savoy and Braddock) Learn how to turn have casual relationships with women without necessarily demanding or expecting a more formal romantic relationship.

20. Social Circle Game (Savoy and Badboy) Social Circle Game will provide you with everything you need to have a strong Social Circle composed of both friends and women for potential relationships.


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