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The Learn The Skills Store :: Digital Audio :: IVS Volume 34: Female Psychology with Savoy & Soul
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IVS Volume 34: Female Psychology with Savoy & Soul
IVS Volume 34: Female Psychology with Savoy & Soul 
The elements that govern a woman's psyche, such as social calibration, are much more complex and dynamic than those for a man. Understanding how women think and knowing "what women really want" will facilitate your pick-up ability. In this Interview join Savoy and Soul as they discuss female psychology from attraction through comfort and explain the reasoning behind certain female behaviors.
  • What qualities are women looking for in a man.
  • Why women like the Bad Boy persona.
  • Differences in a girl's personality when she's by herself vs. with her friends.
  • Why women won't kiss you when they're attracted to you.
  • Why women give you fake phone numbers.
  • Why men fall into the "friend zone."
  • Female psychology during the day vs. night.
  • How conversation is different for men and women.

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