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The Learn The Skills Store :: Digital Audio :: IVS Volume 21: Advanced Winging with Savoy & The Don
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IVS Volume 21: Advanced Winging with Savoy & The Don
IVS Volume 21: Advanced Winging with Savoy & The Don 
This exciting new volume gives you our exclusive "wingman" strategies - how you and a friend can work together to meet and attract women when you're out. It's full of specific tactics you can use tonight.

Savoy and The Don spend the first few minutes bringing you up to speed on the basics, like how to approach a group of women (don't enter together!), how to introduce each other, how your wingman can set it up so you and the woman you're interested in are alone together, and the "wingman rules" about which guy gets which woman. Then they get into the advanced material that has never been released anywhere else:

  • "Reverse winging" which changes all of the traditional wingman rules but gives you a better chance to succeed with especially beautiful women with high social status
  • Savoy's "killer line" that is virtually guaranteed to get a woman you've been talking to to go home with you - but only if your wingman says it
  • How to recognize situations in which another guy (an "instant wing") would be helpful in your group and when one would just be trouble
  • What makes a good wingman, and how and where to find one
  • Female wings vs. male wings
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